Hiking in Groningen

Over the ancient mounds with their red-brick churches and over the dikes along the vast mud flats. Along the golden-yellow grain fields of Eastern Groningen and the straight lines of the Veenkoloni├źn, and through the primeval forests of Westerwolde. The Groningen Walking Network takes you along the most beautiful spots in the province.

Discovering Groningen has never been so easy. Routebureau Groningen has commissioned us to provide the entire province of Groningen with a network of walking junctions. The network consists of over 3,000 kilometres of the loveliest walking paths and 1,411 intersections. Unpaved farm tracks are also part of the network. Using the network, you can decide for yourself where you want to walk and how many kilometres you want to walk. From a diversion to several-day walks: anything is possible.

More information: https://routesingroningen.nl/wandelen/

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