Touristic Wayfinding Renkum

You have probably seen them before: the oblong brown signs that point you in the direction of tourist entrepreneurs. In the spring of 2020, we will place about thirty of these signs in the municipality of Renkum. There, tourists and day trippers can enjoy walking and cycling. Climb the ‘Hemelse Berg’ for example, admire the Renkums Beekdal and wander through the woods. Tip: the dark beech lanes at Quadenoord.

Together with Uiterwaarde, we were asked to take care of the tourist ‘object signposting’ in the municipality of Renkum. After placing the signs, we carry out a maintenance round twice a year. For projects like this, we work with our own online portal: www.bruineborden.info. In just a few steps, a tourist entrepreneur can indicate that he wants to participate in the project. Moreover, participants can use the portal to pass on the printing on the signs and provide feedback on the plans. In addition, the client can use the portal to view the progress of the project. In short: the portal facilitates communication with all those involved.

More information: www.bruineborden.info

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