Parels in het Westerkwartier

The Groninger Westerkwartier is an area full of pearls. Think, for example, of centuries-old churches, colourful nature reserves and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. To let everyone get to know the Westerkwartier, we have developed a number of theme routes through this area, together with the Tourism Association Westerkwartier: Pearls in the Westerkwartier. The routes tell interesting stories about the area and connect them with the varied landscape, such as the cycle route ‘Monks and Water’ and the walking route ‘From Wierden to Borgen’.

We have created five cycling routes, five walking routes and four children’s routes. And very handy: all routes make use of the junction system. Along the way, you will meet all kinds of local businesses, such as picking and tea gardens, cheese farms and mills where flour is still ground. Local entrepreneurs were therefore closely involved in the creation of the routes. A number of entrepreneurs participate as ‘reception points’. Here, participants can obtain information, drink a cup of coffee or charge their electric bicycle.

We were involved from concept to implementation. We have made route booklets and placed information panels at the reception points. We also launched a website and developed a free app. The app contains sound fragments and 360-degree photos, adding even more experience to the routes. This way, you can discover all that the Westerkwartier has to offer.

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