Don’t miss a thing at Paleis het Loo

On the outskirts of Apeldoorn lies Palace Het Loo: a former Royal Palace that is open to the public as a museum. The complex consists of a centuries-old palace, an impressive palace garden and extensive stables and coach houses. In a complex of this size, good signposting is of course very important. Therefore, we were asked by Palace Het Loo to design, develop and install a new signage system.

User-friendliness was paramount. In order to maintain uniformity, we worked with the same design team that had previously designed exterior and interior signage for Paleis het Loo. In addition, we used the same materials in the production as were used in the exhibition areas of the palace. Museum Paleis Het Loo is one of the most popular museums in the Netherlands – and visitors now won’t have to miss a thing thanks to the new signage.

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