Canoeing in Utrecht

The Utrechtse Vecht is a beautiful river, which starts in the city of Utrecht and flows into the Ijmeer at Muiden some 42 kilometres further on. The Vecht used to be an important shipping connection between the Zuiderzee and the Rhine. In the Middle Ages, large castles were built along its banks for good reason. During the Golden Age, rich Amsterdam merchants had magnificent country houses built there.

The Utrechtse Vecht is a fantastic place for kayaking and canoeing, but until recently the water was not easily accessible. We have changed that. Facilities such as interchanges and jetties now make it much easier to get out on the water. We have also developed canoe routes along the Vecht. These can be found in the brochure “Kanoën door de Hollandse Waterlinie” (Canoeing through the Dutch Waterline), available from the VVVs in the region. Got the taste for it? Good news, because the Vecht forms together with the Oude Rijn a connected kayak route from Muiden via Utrecht to Wijk bij Duurstede.

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