Steel letters and totem poles for C-Mine

Formerly a coal mine, now a creative hotbed: that is C-Mine in the Belgian city of Genk. The site of the former Winterslag coal mine has been transformed into a hotspot where more than 40 creative companies and organisations are based. From galleries and studios to a high school and a cinema. In the energy building, the warehouse building and the stables, among other places, people work on numerous creative productions. Think for example of games, apps, art and stage productions.

A large area with many buildings – that calls for good signposting. We provided this in the form of totem poles. In addition, we produced and installed steel lettering and aluminium ground letters for C-Mine. That way, C-Mine’s site will not only be clearer, but also more recognisable.

More information: https://www.c-mine.be/en

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